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Are you worthy of entering Valhalla? You have been sent to Valheim, the 10th Norse world. Only by defeating the mighty beasts of these lands will you win the favor of the gods. This quest will take you to the far reaches of this world from the deepest forest to the highest mountain peak. You will craft powerful weapons and build unyielding strongholds. You will ride mighty steeds across the open fields and sail longships towards the horizon.


Valheim is a game about exploring a huge fantasy world inspired by norse mythology and viking culture. You start your adventure at the relatively peaceful center of Valheim. The further from the center you travel, the more challenging the world becomes. But you will also find more valuable materials that you can use to craft deadlier weapons and sturdier armor. You will also build your own viking strongholds and outposts all over the world. Eventually you will build a mighty longship and sail the great oceans in search of exotic lands … but be wary of sailing too far...


  • Huge procedurally generated world with different biomes.
  • Block and dodge based combat system with a variety of different weapons and combat styles.
  • Build bases, portals and outposts using an intuitive building system.
  • Craft weapons, armors and tools using crafting stations.
  • Cut down trees, mine for minerals etc.
  • Defeat powerful enemies and huge bosses.
  • Build and sail ships on the open ocean.
  • Multiplayer (client-server based)

Planned features (not in game yet)

  • Upgradable crafting stations.
  • Collectable trophies from monsters and bosses. 
  • Female player model.
  • More crafting recipies.
  • More biomes, enemies and materials.
  • More BOSSES.
  • More Music.


Twitter: Dvoid , Valheim

Discord: Valheim Discord

Web: https://valheimgame.tumblr.com/

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/valheimgame


This early alpha version of Valheim is free to download but i gladly accept donations. A nonfree version of the game will hopefully be released on steam later this year. So just to make it clear, donating money is not the same as buying the game.


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Absolutely wonderful game! I am so impressed with this, I have been playing for the past 3 hours. Took a break just to write this. Awesome work! How many people are working on this, btw?

you can only place buildings one way theres is no way to rotate a wall or buildin

you use scroll wheel

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Pretty fun. A controls list in options or something would help quite a bit. for early development I would say the game is very promising. Not near ready for a release though.

really good game, but can you add fish and fishing rods please ?

and finding ores is hard and i LIKE IT    <3   <3   <3   <3   

and please add longer vertical pillars for building <3

please release another update soon :D best game ever!!


Im loving the game so far. Cant wait to try the steam release!

can you start up like a clan and stuff

From all the time i have built housing in the game, there is no point going past one level.

when i build a 8x8 floor setup the roof is near impossible to build. Even with supports up the Yin Yang! 

To see if it was just my 8x8 setup i made a 6X6 & 4X4 & 2X2 floor setup. Each wall was 2 wall high walls and then wood floor on top then 2 more 2 wall high walls and the Roof does not stand & just collapses?

I assume the Program you use to develop the world is Hindering the Height of the Buildings. Do you design the game inside of a digital box that limits the height?

I am not an Educated Game designer but i have some rather awesome ideas and possibly could land me into going to Nait for Game design which is one of my dreams, to work with the gaming industry.

I recommend if you are not Hindered by height restrictions? that you allow us to build 2 even 3 level buildings. You gave us all these Awesome tools, shapes and designs to use yet the roof that is the MOST IMPORTANT is near impossible to build?

Now i need to look at this another way, is this Due to Alpha version and none of these issue above are in the new version being built for Steam?

You can build higher floors in game with enough support beams but of course, the game has building height limit. Join discord if you have more questions regarding in game stuff. 


From my experience I would be suited as a game moderator when you go live on steam.



#1 Find a body of water or shore line Cabin and use as base.(I found to have less enemy's)

#2 focus on picking up wood and make a Work bench and bed. (Make sure you click the bed to make a spawn point when you die) 

#3 Find 3 wood and 6 Flint (found on shore lines). And make a flint Axe on the workbench.

#4 Find 10 stone and 3 wood and make Stone pick axe.

#5 Again roam the shore lines & find 52 Flint and cut down trees to get 60 wood and make 4 Flinthead spears & 20 Flinthead arrows. (use Spears to kill enemy's at first as you can pick the spears back up & it keeps the monsters distance from you since you have no good armour yet)

#6 Hunt down 20 deer useing only the spear & collect the Leather & Meat & make a set of deerskin Armour and a Bow. 

(Caution using Spears! You need to aim UP HIGHER above the targets!!!! Like a Deer, you have to kill from afar or they run away.)

Do not focus on ANY close combat at first  if you can avoid it? & ONLY use (Spears) UNTIL you have 6 Copper bar, 4 Coal, 4 Stone & 10 Wood were you can now build a (Forge) to make a Copper sword and a Copper Hat. 

If you fond  copper or Iron Ore? not already in bars? You need to find 40 stone & 4 Surtling Core and make a Smelter and a Charcoal Kiln and smelt the ore to make Copper or Iron bars

From here you can go to any Bog or Mountain top (Troll armour required & at least 20 health potions that you can make on the work bench to go to the mountain tops)

Welcome to Valheim. You are in for a treat as this is a one of a kind game.

Will this game always be free to play? Or will you have to pay for it in the future?

You have to pay for the game once it releases on steam


Well, this game is definitly alive for anyone who was wondering. There is a Steam page open for it and the dev is quite active on twitter (thanks!)! So, I went ahead and played a little of the game and here is what I found while in the game...

Also, a link to the Steam page for anyone interested.


do multiplayer work

Yes. Played it on local network with some friends a month ago.


I'm just disappointed that another "potentially" good game has fallen to the way side for reasons. No updates or news since Oct 1st, 2018 which is now 6 months later as of March 1st, 2019. I supported this project and enjoyed what it did have to offer but also expected the developer to stay true to their convictions.

I was also looking around for updates, and it looks like the developer is still active on Twitter posting updates of the game's progress.  Just no new playable build from what I can tell.


If you're not a part of the discord, you should be! Dvoid is active very often and he still provides fairly frequent news updates https://discord.gg/44qXMJH


The game is very much still in development!!  please join the Discord server https://discord.gg/7q8f6QT  if you want more recent updates and a chance to get into the Closed Beta. 

(5 edits) (+1)

Just bang on.

I'm into my survival/base building games, DayZ mod, Project Zomboid, Subnautica, The Long Dark, The Forest etc. 

Valheim sits right alongside the best of them - I don't quite believe it myself either - but it does.


Somehow it strips away the clutter and leaves the most enjoyable elements. It's got immersive playability.

Two things that got me going in particular:

This is the  first game I've played that makes gathering wood fun.  You actually want a bigger inventory so you carry on chopping. The trees and logs have physics.  ...They'll roll off down hills if you cut them across the slope, they'll knock other trees down, they'll crush you or you can use them to crush mobs  - the system they've created is second to none (from those games I've played). The devs deserve a medal for that idea.

Secondly, Valheim captures that very atmospheric, old school adventuring vibe (Zelda)... That not-quite-sure-what's-possible thing that I remember enjoying in games 20 years ago. The 'secrets' - the 'mystery'. Valheim brings it back. The graphics leave something for the imagination to work on (instead of spelling everything out) and the simplicity of the repeating elements make changes jump off the screen. The progression up the tech tree and new elements coming as you progress feel like a real reward, you get a real buzz out of that new enemy appearing suddenly... Just like back in the day. That's something I haven't found in gaming for years... And it's no small feat.  

Yes, Valheim is an inspired bit of game design.  Have a look for yourself. 

Thanks and good luck with it.


wow thanks!!!

I hope you will love the additions I have made since the itch version once the steam beta gets released :)

Any idea if/when Mac support will come? This game looks incredible and I would love to play it!

Is 79.10  still the newest update  we can test ?

By far the best survival game i've played. Simple graphics, simple gameplay, pretty easy to understand too. Inventory/crafting menu could be better though.

must add a graphics option in the settings because I'm going a bit lag

Graphics option is in the menu when you're about to start the game. :) There's Low, Medium, High. I do agree though... There needs to be options in-game and not before starting the game.

This game is absolutely fantastic! I can't wait to see the full game on steam! Any estimated release date, or is it still too early? Either way, phenomenal job! Very excited to get my hands on it some more, and very happy to play this! Hope you enjoy the video, and I fucked up at the end, so have fun laughing at that too. Lol

Found this deer with green lightning.  3x10 damage from arrow count scratch him a lot.He is also not so shy like all the others I found. Any ideas what he ist for ?

Any idea why multiplayer won't work? It just says "Failed to connect".



Would really like to play an updated version of this game. Any Idea when this comes to steam?

Nice game! Please, add language Portuguese (Brazil)!

Well the game had some good stuff for what was done. I will say that I'm disappointed with the lack of continued development after supporting this project but it's not like it was a lot of money investment either and I did get it's worth so far in play time. 

Best wishes to the devs should they decide to continue developing this title. Cheers!

game is still under heavy development. Hopefully released later this year.


This looks like an epic game, wold love to see this ported to Mac OSX for apple users to enjoy.


yes, mac version Is planned.

Been a while since an update was put out, is this game still in development?



yes yes ofc it is, join the discord server for more regular updates. 

Hey Richard... So uhhh... I got kicked from your discord by one of your moderators? I was just trying to invite him to come play Valheim with me and my friends but he wasn't having any of it. Haha is there any way you could let me back in please? I am the guy who was talking to you earlier today and yesterday about how to host a dedicated server. I am having issues with it again...



Totally in love. Would appreciate a few basic actions like crouching. Got stuck inside a dungeon once lol, could have crouched out. 

Would be awesome to know about any forthcoming progress in the way of improving our survival chances in a snow biomes ^_^

wow i love this game but can you give the game leveling  the player and give some skill to make the player stronger like more health point and damage.


what a wonderful little pearl of a game !!!!

will we be able to mine mithril in the final game??? :)

I can't wait for the release......


Just made an account to tell you how an absolute gem this game is. A fantastic approach to the survival genre that puts survival before stupid crap like PvP battle-royal-ish combat *ahem* Rust, DayZ, need I go on *ahem*. The game looks stunningly great, runs well even on lower tier computers, supports hosting private servers... really, what else is there to ask? It's like Skyrim but with survival, building and crafting. An absolute pleasure to play co-op with friends.

I'm extremely eager to see what else you bring to the table, and whatever you do - keep on the path you're going now. This is really good, and I wish you the best in keeping it that way. Good job and thank you!


warms my heart to read comments like this :)   Thanks!! 

As others have mentioned, I'm hoping Valheim in its final form will avoid becoming just another survival-by-tedious-micro-managing-resources.  I appreciate that the Steam version will be richer, but I hope it's richer by expanding upon what's already here in the alpha.  Time will tell, and I remain hopeful.  Now, here's my notes and requests:

  1.   I'd love to see a few more weather-resistant wooden building materials like the stockade walls, things like stairs, floors, rails, beams.  Being able to build bridges, docks, etc. would be great! 
  2. I don't know how the final cold mechanic is going to work.  My fear is that it'll just be a common health drain.  Ok, maybe it knocks off a few health points in a night, more if you're also wet, but how about if its immediate effect was to slow down all movement a bit?   It would mean that the cold could be lethal by making combat or fleeing much more difficult, guiding a raft or ship much more onerous and challenging.
  3. I love the workings of the mighty Hoe!  A very novel approach to digging in a video game.
  4. I love the way swimming is possible, but needs to be brief in the icy waters.
  5. I like that I can build a cooking fire on a wooden floor. 
  6. I like the perils of cutting down trees and cutting up logs.  
  7. When the Every-game-should-be-PvP crowd begin whining about how Valheim isn't PvP, ignore them, please.  I love that Valheim is PvE.

Thanks for this awesome alpha.  It's nice to know that whatever the final Valheim becomes, I'll always have this game to enjoy.  And yes, I'll check y'all out on Discord.  ;)


Will do my best :P

do you know how to fix this problem

Hey we might be able to help you, but I would rather not do that here, either come and ask on Discord: https://discord.gg/Gc4z47m or on our subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Valheim

Best regards,   
Akitake - Beta tester, Subreddit Manager, Discord Moderator

(4 edits)

Wonderful Game! If waited for a Viking Survival Game a long time!

Sadly, you jumped on the Steam Wagon and Early Access which will RUIN the whole game (Stupid Steam People). Don't let this happen!

Don't make this game a chore like other survival games already are! Nobody (with reason) wants WORK in Survival Games like in real life Jobs = no food spoiling, no lifetime resource grind, no explosion of too much content (nobody remembers).

It feels really good to play it "Arcady" as it is at the moment it should stay this way. 

Keep on the good work!

I mean, if you like the game the way it is, nobody forces you to buy the more up-to-date, less buggy, more configurable, with more content game on Steam once it's out.

Best regards,   
Akitake - Beta tester, Subreddit Manager, Discord Moderator

My statement stands as a reminder for overdoing and changing a already wonderful game (over time).

Like other survival games are ruining themselves with too much content and changing/overdoing the hole theme, this should not happen to Valheim.

I have nothing against a new version (don't like Steam and EA, hope there will be an independend private server without a steam account aproval/requirement).

Akitake and Dvoid...youre doing a good Job!

The EA tag is used in our case because the game will not be feature complete yet, in that, you won't be able to "complete" the game so-to-say.
As far as a solution without Steam, it isn't really planned, as it's tightly intertwined with the game's networking code now. And if the community were to make it work, it would be considered as piracy, since the game wouldn't have to be bought anymore.

Best regards,   
Akitake - Beta tester, Subreddit Manager, Discord Moderator

If it is a steam game, it will be pirated in at least 2 hours after releasing an update officially. (which is good promotion)

I hope you are still thinking of an alternate path too, like GOG or an physical copy (Limited Edition).

Another way to earn money! Steam is overrated!

It's not even "if it's", it IS going to be a Steam game.

Like I said, no alternate path is planned right now.

Best regards,   
Akitake - Beta tester, Subreddit Manager, Discord Moderator

I love this! I have only played about an hour so far, but I can tell that this is going to be AMAZING once finished! I am a heathan, or "Norseman", myself so this game is exactly what I've been looking for! I really wish that I could donate to show my support, but I WILL be sharing this with my friends! Please, continue your amazing work!

P.S. One thing I couldn't figure out how to do is cook meat. And one improvement that I suggest is being able to aim with throwing spears and bows to make them more accurate at a distance.

Hey! Really glad you're enjoying the game so far. Don't worry about donations, it's okay, playing the game and sharing it about with your friends is already doing a lot for the community.

To cook meat you may place a cooking station on top of a campfire, then place raw meat in your toolbar, aim at it and press the corresponding key (1-7)
I personally agree as far as the spear and the bow projectiles are concerned, they fall down weirdly.

Make sure to join our Discord, it's free and the best place to stay up to date on development and people to play withhttps://discord.gg/Gc4z47m

Best regards,   
Akitake - Beta tester, Subreddit Manager, Discord Moderator

Awesome game. Been playing for a few hours and just chipped a few bucks your way. Have a good one.

Hey thanks for playing the game and loving it, as well as donating to the developer, it is much appreciated <3

I'm sure you'll love what's coming for the Steam release, the game got a whole lot more content, new mechanics and more!

Make sure to join our Discord, it's free and the best place to stay up to date on development and people to play withhttps://discord.gg/Gc4z47m

Best regards,  
Akitake - Beta tester, Subreddit Manager, Discord Moderator

It's a great  game. I didn't know I would be playing it so much.

Hope you'll be playing it a lot more, especially with what's coming for the Steam release, you'll love it <3

Make sure to join our Discord, it's free and the best place to stay up to date on development and people to play withhttps://discord.gg/Gc4z47m

Best regards, 
Akitake - Beta tester, Subreddit Manager, Discord Moderator

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