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if this was first person i would try it but i'm not crazy about third person only games. game looks good. i'll keep watch see how the game  progresses.  : )

As mentioned the drugar are really hard at, the start. The tutorial is vague and, lacking. This type of game should have a tutorial that guides you step by step on things and, set you up some what so you can have an easier time exploring, building and, what not. This game has a lot of potential!

im having a problem where i cant logout of my world forcing me to quit, i dont know if this is just me or if other people are having this problem


You dont play games on macs 

Yes you do


No you do not. MAC is mainly for multimedia and not game.

Really enjoying this game and cant wait to play more and see what comes of this. we have high hopes for continued positive development! Great job so far.

Not sure how to mine for copper and iron. Also draugrs are hard to kill at the beginning of the game.  Otherwise a great game. Thanks

the iron you find in bog easier then up in the mountains were you die fast from the cold.

Copper veins are all lol over the place, Deep in the forests.

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Really enjoyed this. It just goes to show what some quality animations and good control design can do. Everything feels smooth and well done. One point, the crafting system is fine but getting new recipies when you have the ingredients can be counterintuitive. So I want to build a house but have no idea what I need. So i endlessly just collect everything until it pops up? It's also not clear how to join servers but I'm sure that'll come with time. Please, please carry on with this game and keep improving it. With some deeper combat and clearer goals I can see myself paying for this and spending some serious time in it!

EDIT: Just played 4 hours with random players and it was great. Little things like falling trees breaking other trees, the game noticing when you're sheltered from rain and crafting sort of unfolding as you build more stuff is fantastic. I cannot wait to see what Valheim turns into with more time and care. Seriously promising start.


Hey there! Just suggesting you should remove the decay over time on player-made structures.

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Only wooden structures that are not covered from rain decay over time, make sure to roof them properly to stop that.

Agreed... Or at least fix the building mechanics so that you can get all the walls to square up and snap to a grid so you can put a roof on it properly before implementing structural decay. I just keep wasting materials because I can't remove and replace to make it work. Grrr... this is just pissing me off.

Loving the atmosphere, something other survival games lack so much, each biome gives me those old world of warcraft feels when discovering new areans.

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yeah tutorial would be good but it should be optional cause i like when games give no info on how to play and i feel many otheres would agree

I love the game! It'd be really cool if you had a tutorial though, I just can't figure out how to get my health back up after being attacked. 

Eat mushrooms. You can find them growing around trees. they slowly regen your health :)

Yeah I've tried that but I just don't know how to eat them

right click on them in inventory

Really enjoyed the game - huge grats and thanks on what you have made here! Looking forward to how it progresses.

I have been playing this on my stream so if you would like any feedback please do let me know.

Once again, keep up the great work!

wee thanks!! :D

Keep up the amazing work this makes half the steam early access garbage look like a joke, and please keep the wonderful pixel art style it's so beautiful, I keep finding more and more as I explore, I can't believe how much is in the "alpha" plays like a release!

Really good start ! I hope this game will be done ! Have you thought about realising the game on steam ? 

yes, will most definetly try to release it on steam. 

Ok nice ! And again good job for the game ! I discovered it recently and i love it :)  !

Hey there! I love the game's style and concept, but it'd be nice if the framerate was improved. That's all i had to say, thanks for reading

super fun game with immense potential!!!!


this is so realistic I like it good job dude

Plz, Plz, Plz, get this game onto Mac. Have been loving it on my PC but my travel computer is  a Mac and I would love to be able to take this game with me when Im away from home. Keep up the  amazing work you are doing on this game.


Sad Times this is, just wanted to level out the ground...



Nice Little Bridge 

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AMAZING!! I absolutely love this and im working on editing a video ill upload tomarrow. This game could easily sell on steam for 15$ atm (reasonable price i would pay). I would love to see caves since i dont think they are in the game. Love it!

wow thank you!! Will defiently try to get the game onto steam eventually, cant say when, cant say price. but i will keep working on it :). oh yea..caves would be awesome :D

Nice game, remembers me of Conan exiles, but the game is heavy, maybe there is something to be done about that.

Was good fun, managed to cut down a tree and cook my clothes on a fire. I will try playing again tomorrow! :)

hi for the benefit of my friends and i, if you are having damage dealing or damage taking issues plz send the developer your player log :) 

nice game, definitely has future, just dont put it on steam as early access :D

Great game love the combat, building and all the stuff that is in the game!

There is just a new version released but when I downloaded it the servers are a version behind so it says incompatible version. I will try out later if I can join then.

Maybe the graphics can be improved a bit.

The cool thing about this game is that you can make new friends and people aren't going to kill you directly.

Things I want in the game:

  • Clans (group up with players and start a clan. People who aren't from your clan can't open doors you build)
  • Global Chat

Keep up the good work!


Theres no global chat, but here is a shout command "/s Something something" in the chat  

Maybe it's impossible, but can you add a global server where your buildings will be saved and you can play anytime.

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great game and all but on all the videos they can do damage to those dwarf things and i cant do any thing the creatures and i will stand there as they beat me up and i do no damage to them plz fix or help

oh, thast very odd. i think i remember we had this issue once a while back. i do not remember what chaused it though. could you maybe send me your outputlog .txt file ( button in bottom left in main menu)  to dvoidis(AT)

its not letting me sos

sos? ?

sorry i meant yeah it wont let me deal damage or take damage yet 

and i cant open chests either

ah, im guessing theres some kind of error occuring that screws everything up. this has happened some time before. would a lot of you could send me your log file.

This game is so amazing. honestly it has so much potential. i have only just started tho so there is so much more to the game i haven't seen yet. Plz continue working on this game i would love so play this with my friends as a game we could all spend hours on grinding. A suggestion...(these suggestion might be in the game i just dont know it yet so sorry if that is the case), instead of putting floor down on the ground it should be foundation that goes all the way to the ground because when i build sometimes it will look like its floating. another suggestion should be adding some magic, like simple stuff tho, maybe elemental so like fire water earth and air. that would make pvp cool as well if that is or will become a thing. again THANK YOU for this game. wishing yall the best

Bro this game is absoulty AMAZING! Although, IT IS SO HARD. honeslty every time I spawned in, I would get wreked, and idk if you saw that intro but like my whole base got ruined by that thing. Oh and I know that it sounds like im complaining, I am not, I actually love these aspects! It reminds me of playing minecraft when it was in alpha and boy was that also hard!!! You really made me enjoy this game so MUCH!!! I will be keeping a tab on these for now on! :) 

I did have some issues seeing the menus on a smaller resolution but I highly enjoyed the game and would love to give it another go. It's like a bloodier Viking like Minecraft.

Best game on right now!  Dvoid is very active with the community and works with them on suggested enhancements and bugs.  Highly recommended!

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the game is awesome but one more reason why i losing my energy if i swim and my health i lose it too

Played a bit of this on my channel! Game feels really great, looking forward to playing more of this!

luv it


hi plz can u help or at least try to fix the game because nothing is taking damage except from me in the water

Extremely fun, simple , nice craft system , open world , day and night , exploring, etc .... 

kind word! thanks!

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