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Hope all is good my dude. Any thoughts on when the next update is getting pushed out? Cheers!

Hello!! , well there is no planned "updates" , but there is a planned STEAM release. There is however no set date for the steam release just yet though. Estimating at earliest release at end of this year, but its looking more likely to be early next year instead. ITS SIMPLY TOO MUCH FUN WORKING ON IT!!! :D..or simply too much stuff that I want to add before release ;)

Damn for such a new free game this game is definitely got some stuff going for it! Played it with my gf and we both enjoyed it a ton and keep checking to see if there are any new updates. I love so many choices you've made and so many mechanics that you've implemented so early on are really solid and the game tho very simple looks awesome! And by the looks of it reading the comments this seems like a one man show? If so damn dude. Hella impressed. Keep up the amazing work. Really looking forward to what future holds for this amazing game and we will definitely be supporting the development of it if we can.


it needs more ways to get iro

At first I was thinking the same thing.  But after crafting the troll hide armor, the metal banded shield, and the bronze sword, most of the monsters are not that difficult to kill. Being able to get iron from the high mountains, occasional treasure chest, and Surtlings meteor, creates that extra challenge and extended gaming time that makes the Alpha version more enjoyable - in my humble opinion.  Good job, Dvoid!

The game will no longer be updated on  It is undergoing major content addition, balancing, and more internally, in preparation for an Early Access on Steam ( hopefully by the end of the year, if not then early 2019.

Make sure to join our Discord, it's free and the best place to stay up to date on development and people to play with

Best regards,    Akitake - Beta tester, Subreddit Manager, Discord Moderator

Biting at the bit for .80 any update as to a release? the whole farming thing has me hyped.

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The game will no longer be updated on  It is undergoing major content addition, balancing, and more internally, in preparation for an Early Access on Steam ( hopefully by the end of the year, if not then early 2019.

Make sure to join our Discord, it's free and the best place to stay up to date on development and people to play with

Best regards, 
Akitake - Beta tester, Subreddit Manager, Discord Moderator


There's not much to say it is an awesome game.

Hey! Thanks for trying the game out, glad you liked it.

Make sure to join our Discord, it's free and the best place to stay up to date on development and people to play with

Best regards, 
Akitake - Beta tester, Subreddit Manager, Discord Moderator


Great game! I dig the pixel/low poly art style. The play is intuitive and fun. I did find the crafting menu navigation (Q,E,F) a little clunky at first but I got used to it.

i love this game

tnx <3

just keep up the good work 

Did you try contacting GOG about DRM-free release in the future? If you don't want to sell the game here, GOG would be a good option too. But it would be pretty sad if you'll sell it on Steam only.

atm my primary concern is getting there steam release ready. Might do a gog release etc in the future, but i won't promise anything.

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Thanks. Why don't you want to release the full version on itself as well? It shouldn't be harder than current free version I suppose.


well the main issue is: One of the BIGGEST issue players have with the game with the current ITCH version is networking, since the itch version relies on traditional TCP/IP networking it requires you to have some knowledge of networking and often router configuration to be able to host your own game and have other players to join. The game will try to use UPNP to automatically configure your router but this is very unreliable. Fortunately when using STEAM i can use steam sockets that does automatic NAT punchthrough and server routing if that failes. Making the networking almost 100% reliable and easy to use for everybody...making the players..HAPPY! so unless i can find a similar system that works just as good as steamsockets but does not require steam, then im not sure i want to release it on any other platform. Ofc if you only plan to play singeplayer that wont matter at all. But there will always be players that will be annoyed when the networking wont work. I dont want to give players a bad experience if i can avoid it :(. 

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I thought Steam Sockets is a FOSS project, so it's not tied to Steam:

So I suppose you should be able to use it like any other open source library even when releasing it in other stores?

But if it can't handle NAT, it would be the first example that I know, that lagging rollout of IPv6 caused a game not to be released in multiple stores :)

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Will we be able to run and host local private servers as well? I do this with a few Minecraft servers on a Linux VM for example, and would like to be able to add this game on there as well when it comes out. I don't particularly mind if the client uses the Steam DRM stuff or the like as needed (dropped Steam support this year for Windows XP for my classic gaming machine needs not withstanding).

Typing in the IP and port number works well enough for me and those I often play these sort of games with. With optional password would be nice as well.


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It looks like I'm not going to be able to play this as it is, I've rage quit twice. If you go to an new area to explore and are running and fighting enemies you don't have time to mark the area when you die and there is no death marker on the map when you die. 🤔😩I just lost my new iron ax and iron pick-ax because I had no way of finding that little tombstone with ur stuff in it in the area I died, it's ridiculous. All that work I put into finding the almost impossible iron ore to make the tools and weapons is wasted. I lost a suit of troll armor the same way, not being able to retreive my stuff from my tombstone, cuz I couldn't find my tombstone not to mention all the food and other things in ur inventory. 😫😞  Btw, why does iron have to be sooo hard to find when stone is a dime a dozen laying around everywhere? I can't go through this frustration anymore, unless there's an update that fixes the "can't find ur stuff on the map" problem then I'm done. 😫😞☹ This is a good game,  at times I've enjoyed it, but now it's few and far between with this lastest loss of items. it's just taken all the wind out of my sails so the speak. When I play a game it's for fun, when the fun factor leaves, I do too. I'll keep an eye on the game's progress to see what changes have been made though. But untill then... 🤔😒

sorry to hear that. Yes finding the tombstone is an issue i probably need to address. As for iron it has been completely changed in the steam beta.

When will the Steam beta come out though? And how has finding  iron changed for the Steam beta?

Been playing this game with friends for the last few days and absolutely love it!
Really like the idea of it, as well as the building (although it seems to have some issues every now and then). Can't wait to see what else will be added in later versions!

As other people, I too made a video on the game. I decided to go with a sort of 'beginner's guide' to help those lost Vikings in need...

awesome! Thanks

TIME TO RELOCATE! | Valheim | Part 3

i am so hooked onto this game!! everything about this is just so smooth and amazing! i cannot wait to progress further :D once again, great job on creating this game! :D


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> nonfree version of the game will hopefully be released on steam later this year.

Will you release it here too? I only use DRM-free stores and can buy it here or on GOG, but not on Steam.

Teleport Gates: Why do some my my gates turn from black/purple to red and I can no longer use them. But they still are up on both sides. Anyone can help me please? :)

Network connectivity issue.  Dev expects this to be resolved when moved to steam.

I am really excited for this new update. I've finally gotten to a point where I feel comfortable going into the snow to hunt trolls and farm copper. Are you planning on making a set of weather based clothing or keeping it as  is by using food and potions?

Please send an update at least for controls custimizations, it's actually a pain on non qwerty and the game is really cool but is unplayable...

Really enjoying this game. Streamed it a few times too, people thought it was an awesome start to some thing cool :) excited to see where it goes. 

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Hi Devo! I have 1 sugestion:

you should simplify the way of joining the server. Currently, it is terribly confusing. For example, I do not have access to the router and I can not do anything with it. I will try my colleagues later to try your way with Evolve, but I do not quite understand how it should work?
When creating a game you want to earn, it's clear. You can only earn money if the content and the community are large enough. You only earn a multiplayer game when the interactions between players are fairly straightforward. If you can not practically play with others because 99% of servers can not be entered (also created by friends) then the multiplayer game starts to be weak and abandoned. I wish you to simplify the multi in Valheim as soon as possible because it is a great promising game.

Sorry but Evolve is some kind of... shit?! 350 ping in all users. Pls. simplify mechanism of server creating.

xD men, i create the server without anything and my friend login without anything.. You dont need Evolve xD
(Sorry about my english, its very bad)

True, running multiplayer and every friend cloud join. also settup up a server with daily restart - all fine. No evovle or something.

Dude, you have better english then most of my english speaking friends, kudos

Have Mint Linux 19 and Nvidia GTX GPU, the game starts up with "Made with Unity", then freezes after that with black background, other games like SOTA and Ablion work with no issues , they use Unity. Windows version works like a dream. If anyone can help me let me know, thanks.

Hi! Seems wierd. All I can say is have you tried to adjust the screen settings in the pop-up windows to lower resolution and/or windowed play? I'm sure they will fix this later but might be a temp work-around. Cheers.

NOTE - I am just a massive Fan and play daily. I am not apart of the game so any answers or advice I give, is just my personal knowledge from playing the game for over 100 hours. Enjoy!

yeah tried full screen, windowed ,different resolutions , and different graphic options , as well as run as root, no go :(

I can not run sota or albion in mint 19, the video is all black, total war saga report API 3d error

are you using the official nvidia drivers or something else?  

are you using the official nvidia drivers or something else?  

Yes tried two officials and one standard, still no go. Albion and Shroud of the Avatar use Unity engine, and they work just fine, I find it odd ?

Also the old version, Fedj version .64 loads and plays just fine....don t know if that helps anything.

Well, i bit the bullet and installed the MATE version of the Mint Linux 19 instead of Cinnamon, now the game starts with no issues..strange. 

I can not play, a bird misses my character and he dies all the time

Try and create a new character and try with him. Might work. :) Let me know.


Any chance we can get an 'invert Y' mouse option?  Breaks my brain to play otherwise.

Did not like it took damage for no reason and have a big suspicion this is a rip off Valnir Rock but worse and the combat is terrible 

um, two things. A) Valnir Rok isn't even set in the same norse world, B) Valheim is not based on a book, film or show. Only similarities is they are both Norse multiplayer survival games, but i do agree about the random damage


Also theres problems with light. Only at daytime its okay, but at the morning for example it is just bad, i can barely see anything and it hurts my eyes. :( Day and night cycle is too short by the way. 

I agree to some extent but if it's to be "realistic" then its hard to see at sunset and sunrise in real life no? So it adds to the challenge.  Just my opinion. :)


so im not alone with that ;)


The game is just epic! I spent like 30 hours, i will donate for every update. :) 


My Hoe works fine, but need a bit more "Health"  or have to build a lot of hoes for a big area.


My hoe just randomly makes hole instead of making ground like the rest. It randomly works and randomly doesn't. 

its not random, just make sure you actually point the level you want to flatten to. it flattens the area to the same height as the point in the center.

Yes im sure that i was doing it right and i know how it works, but sometimes it just makes hole 5 levels deep that looks like inverted cone.

You can reproduce the situation by flatening some bigger place with hoe.


This game is simply awsome. I really like the graphics style, the sounds and just the whole atmosphere of the game.

One of the best games that I played in many years.

But there are so many thing that really ruins the experience.

The top two thing that is ruins the experience is;

1.: Too much rain! After several days of playing and a lot of progress, every time when I like to play the game, those "OMG! It's raining again!!! NOOOO!" moments pop into my mind, and just simply doesn't even start the game. Seriously, it's really annoying!

2.: That stamina/energy thing. My character is a guy who is up to go to Valhalla, so he must be some kind of a warrior or something. And he can't swing a weapon more than 3 times before he get "tired"? Whaaaat?!? Plus the blocking using the same stamina/energy thing, and that makes it as much annoying as that way too much rain. 99% oft the time I forced to run around the enemies, until it regenerates. If the game using some RPG elements, this can be no problem. Like, when we reach a certain level/progress in the game, we can choose, that we increase our health or stamina. It can be that simple. But I really like to see some kind of a real RPG sytem in the game whit skills, abilities; so not all the characters just the clones of any other character.

I also find the game really slow. Currently I play on a laptop, so I don't expect superfast 3D graphics, of course. But if I take a look at the low poly models that the game using, and the fact that I can play games with better graphics on this laptop; the game is just too slow.

Currently in this stage, I find the game a bit flat. Always have to do the same with every character, in every world.

I hope in the future we see more things in the game.

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I have to say the game is great. I can not wait until it appears to be steaming. But have a review. There are too many Greydwarf and the rain. It just rains too much. Hope this will be better in the next update. Do not talk so much rain and less Greydwarf. Where was the spawning point of Greydwarf?

Am exited to see where this goes!

Nice game so far. I hope the next update adds a bunch of new things to do. Currently working on my 'Explore the whole world' save. Got a few others. A bit too easy to get to end game once you know the ropes. Keep up the great work.


Cool game so far, but I almost didn't even want to play when I saw that you can't even play as a woman...


No shield-maidens? That's bull!


I know a female character model is  on the Dev's to-do list...

os meu mapas/jogos salvos sumiram e quando crio um novo até consigo jogar,porém quando eu saio o mapa/jogo some

i have a smelter and a coal kiln and I'm tryna get ores. its been 3 hours I pick on rocks and I find none. is it the proper way to do it?

They are on different biomes. Iron on snow/desert, Copper on forest with Bigass trees.

but they ARE obtained through mining rocks?

RIP my snow biome is right beside a mountain. I CANT go there unless I want to fight a troll, which I need to bring to the grasslands to kill, which defeats the purpose to go to snow...

I found iron in a swamp biome, pieces of "bog iron" lying on the ground the same way you find tin and flint. They were a little hard to see, since it rains so freaking much in the game.

very nice game, still waits for new items and more items! 

I spawn in the sky and I fall and I die.

but isn't valheim (or valaheim depends) the lesser god realm of the world tree? its true Midgard is surely taken and sounds worst but... ah nvm screw this comment rip

Just to answer your question Valheim is made up you could be thinking of Vanaheim? But yeah Valheim was made up by Dvoid for the game as shown because he calls it the 10th world of which there are only nine in norse mythology.

Can someone tell me where is placed a savegame of public game? Really important, we need to move our savegeame to our friends machine because he got stronger pc

Yea i found it by myself, after asking on reddit :D

Win: C:\Users\User\AppData\LocalLow\Cool Games\Valheim\worlds
Linux: i made a user called valheim and then if ur game dir is in /home/valheim/Valheim_build_linux/ the savegame is in /home/valheim/.config/unity3d/Cool Games/Valheim/worlds

My game seems kind of broken I can't get any recipes past the first four can someone please tell what I may be doing wrong?

You have to kill wooden dwarf , pickup stone, wood etc. Then you will get your first recipes. More recipes you can get by getting a workbench set, and killing a dear. +Finding stuff in monuments.  (From what i know now)

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For some reason I can't build a workbench I have the hammer but it won't let me build anything other then the wood stack and cooking station. I also already tried re-downloading the game

Pressing "F" with the hammer equipped should cycle you through categories. You'll want to cycle to the "Building" category and build a shelter with some roofs or floors above your workbench so you can utilize it to the full extent

This is an amazing idea for a game, I'm loving every bit of it so far. I got hooked on it and I've been playing it for hours on end. (:

Does anyone know why my buildings are getting damaged over time? I'm using 2 hammers every hour just to upkeep my hause...

Do you have a roof over everything, if ANY part of your structure is exposed to the rain it will get damaged and I mean any part that doesn't have a roof directly above it, this degradation speed is the only part I don't like about this game.

I do have "roof" but it's made from floor.  Do i have to use real roof?
+Do campfires, or torches inside a hause damage it?

Sadly the floor doesn't actually count as a roof piece it has to be the actual roof piece and be sure if your building the roof high you have support pillars supporting it every like 1 or 2 blocks cause it will crumble, what I do I build my base 2 walls high and then build a floor above that and then on that upper floor build the roof over that and use that floor to build solely the pillars to support the roof so I don't have to deal with pillars in the way of my base main floor you will have to have support on the base floor of additional levels of your base if its big cause the integrity wont allow it so I just build walls on my base floor instead of pillars so I can use the wall for separation of rooms and stuff, once you get a roof over everything the actual degradation will stop the only damage I get now is if the big enemies break through my base and hit the actual walls.  As far as I know no the fire will not damage your home I have countless fires in my house and I haven't had any damage from them.

In my case : That was lack of proper roof and fire. After building normal roof, my buildings keep getting damaged. After moving my fire pits outside, my hause kinda stopped getting damaged. But sometimes it does anyway...

VERY GOD GAME. can you add advenced settings in world creator please :)

First 30 Minutes Gameplay. My impressions were amazing, loved the game


Gameplay Brazilian

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