0.79.4 update


  • Custom names for dedicated servers ( set in .bat/.sh file)
  • Login shouts when entering a server.


Valheim_build_win_0.79.4.zip 145 MB
Jun 19, 2018
Valheim_build_linux_0.79.4.tar.gz 165 MB
Jun 19, 2018

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Can keys be remapped? Lefthanders nightmare trying to use WASD. Also mouse thumb button remapping would be awesome. Will definitely be happy to support  when remapping is introduced. Looks a great game, even this early on

remapping will probably be added in the future yes.

Thanks David. I will purchase the game tomorrow anyway as I really like the look of it after watching GameEdged's Let'sPlay.  I am happy to support such a great looking game at such an early stage. 

=) thanks!!   my name is not Davoid though, its Richard :D

Sorry Richard. Can't read today. Anyway, bought the game just now. Looking forward to the rebinding option and playing the game.

But the game is not even for sale. Its free :P ,  i only take donations at this point.