0.79.8 update


  • Lan-server broadcast fix IE lan servers should show in serverlist now.
  • No need to have all required ingredients in inventory at the same time to unlock recipies.
  • Network stability fixes and bandwidth optimizations. 
  • Bugfixes and other minor tweaks.


Valheim_build_win_0.79.8.zip 145 MB
Jun 23, 2018
Valheim_build_linux_0.79.8.tar.gz 166 MB
Jun 23, 2018

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The game is very good and have lots of potential,  keep up the good job ! (glad you are working on optimisation btw). We are trying to play a MP server with my friends, but every time either we cant connect to server, or one of us is getting kicked every attempt, a few seconds after joining the server. We did open the router port, any idea to fix this ?

if you can connect, but then gets disconnected later, its probably not a router issue. simply me pushing too much data for your internet connection to handle..then it kills it self =D  RIP. working on the issue :D

Really enjoying Valheim.

weee finally found the edit post button..so hidden..so secret

Really enjoying this game. I'm currently developing a viking game myself (semi-historical rpg) as well as updating my current game. Making games is a ton of work and to see how this game has progressed is amazing to me. Keep up the good work because you got yourself a new fan.

* Also added version number in serverlist ( only for 0.78.8 and forward versions though.