Progress update

I have been pretty quite here on itch for a few weeks now. But dont worry,   Valheim development is going fine!!!

Working hard on getting the Steam - Early Access version ready. Here are some of the things I have been working on lately.

  • Steam networking is pretty much done
  • Anonymous dedicated server support is done
  • Localization support is done with partial translations to currently 15 languages.
  • Control bindings are done
  • Planting system
  • A few new enemies, Build pieces and items have been added.  More to come.
  • And tons of other things have already been implemented. 

But there are still alot of things left to do, so please be patient. And please join our Discord chat if you want chat with me and get more live updates on the development, and maybe drop a few ideas of your own!

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The game is very cool I can not wait for the translation of the game perhaps if there are shortcomings with the Russian language that can help improve write about errors in Twitter.

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Please check the band Heilung, man if they could do some soundtrack with you that would be awesome... they have an amazing sound, totally viking!.  and it would totally make valheim even more immersive then it already is.

oh jay xd

nice but I have a problem I downloaded this game some 2 weeks ago everything was fine only on Monday all swa the whole record lost I opened a new world the game saves but when I leave the game and re-enter my record disappears what to add I downloaded the game from scratch and it's ok I did not give you a hope that a new update will come, which will improve it, I look forward to how much I hope for the further development of your game

nice ale mam pewien problem pobrałem tą grę jakieś 2 tygodnie temu wszystko było dobrze dopiero w poniedziałek cały swa cały zapis straciłem otworzyłem nowy świat gra zapisuje ale gdy wyjdę z gry i ponownie wejdę mój zapis znika co zrobić dodam ze pobierałem grę od nowa i to nic nie dało mam nadzieje ze wejdzie nowa aktualizacja która to poprawi bardzo na nią czekam ile liczę na dalszy rozwój waszej gry

Hi there! Are you interested in working with a publisher? I work for a game publishing company and we love the concept of the game. Would like to work with you to help you publish to steam. If you're interested let me know :) send me an email at 

Great games keep the work


Greatly looking forward to this game! It's one of the harder survival games that is balanced enough that I can actually have a good time with it. Keep up the good work Dvoid!

Hi! I've been playing your game for a bit and i love it! But how much will the early access steam version of this game cost?

Can't wait for this update. really want to see where you go with the planting system, always could use more NPC's Bosses if you will. Really enjoy your game a ton and your water is just hard to beat.